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Pelosi Is More Toxic Than Trump

Ralph Norman and Archie Parnell Ralph Norman and Archie Parnell
Sveva Terracina | 23 Giugno, 2017, 09:53

She also welcomed a parade of national GOP figures to Atlanta to help her raise money, with Ryan and Vice President Mike Pence holding fundraisers following Trump's April visit.

But some rank-and-file House Democrats scoffed at such explanations and raised questions about Pelosi's continued leadership.

"You know you can sit here and we'll talk about Russian Federation all day long today on Capitol Hill and in Washington".

But it's also true that Democrats went big in Georgia, and they couldn't put it together. They're not. They're not talking about Putin, Russia, Flynn. Not this, we're going to train you for some job that may or may not come down the pike. We're overwhelmed with our anger towards Trump.

"A special thanks to the president of the United States of America", Handel said late Tuesday night as her supporters chanted, "Trump! They believe in us being better able to do it rather than the other side", said Rep. Roger Williams, R-Texas.

"I don't think there's a Democrat that would vote for any type of a repeal". "If you stay mad, you stay angry, you're unproductive". Heck, one-third of the Democratic caucus got it a year ago, when it voted in vain to replace Pelosi with OH congressman Tim Ryan. "Do you think people went to the polls and said, 'Oh my God, we've got to stop Nancy Pelosi?' I don't think so", said Rep. John Larson, D-Conn. So it's time for change. He argued that when strategy doesn't work, there have to be repercussions at the top. "That's the most important part".

In November 2018, there will be 435 races on the same day and none of them - none of them - will see $50 million in ads, combs, and car-toppers.

Democratic critics say it's time to change the party's House leadership, which has been static for over a decade, to make room for fresh voices and a new direction.

The National Republican Congressional Committee ran ads charging Ossoff would "represent Nancy Pelosi".

Pelosi is a prolific fundraiser for her party, and a savvy legislator with few rivals on Capitol Hill when it comes to cutting the deals necessary to keep government in motion. Democrats have been chafing in the minority since they were thrust there in 2010 after risky votes in favor of President Barack Obama's initiatives including the Affordable Care Act. "Pelosi is the human embodiment of that".

Indeed the best news Democrats got Tuesday night was that a different special House race, in SC, ended up closer than the Georgia contest even though it had drawn little national attention.

That was painfully evident in Georgia, where Democratic candidate Jon Ossoff failed to win this week, despite spending upwards of $30 million in what ended up being the most expensive House election in USA political history.

These remarks followed heavy criticism from Democratic lawmakers of Pelosi's leadership following Tuesday's special election losses in Georgia and SC. Mr. Trump enjoys an approval rating above 80% among self-identified Republicans.

"In the previous election - the Republican candidate won by more than 20 points".

"I don't think members of our party should pick up the line of the Republicans", she said.

"She's easy to demonize".

Congressman Bill Pascrell of New Jersey says, "A loss is a loss is a loss, and there's no excuses". "It's time for a new generation of leadership in the party", he said.

Pelosi insisted that the current leadership structure already gives opportunities to younger members, telling reporters, "I have always featured the young 30-somethings. and they are so impressive".

She was elected to Congress in a special 1987 election.

"Every effort was made to win last night". "We don't agonize, we organize".

Democrats celebrated the fact that they had turned a conservative stronghold into a competitive district.


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GOP, Paul Opposition Imperil Senate Health Bill Under Obamacare , the ratio is three-to-one. "This should not be the 'better-care" bill; this should be the 'we-don't-care bill'". The rate of growth in spending would be capped beginning in 2025, just when the average baby boomer turns 80.

Democrats Frustrated After Ossoff Loss: 'Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump' Democrats Frustrated After Ossoff Loss: 'Our Brand Is Worse Than Trump' Even if Democrats had won in Georgia , I probably would have written that the House could be in play, or it could not. Here's an example: More than 50 percent of millennial Latinos don't believe their vote impacts their day-to-day life.

Trump dodges tapes question, denies seeking Comey 'loyalty' The paper reported Trump had asked Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn. I've had a conversation with the president to say, I don't understand the timing of the firing of Jim Comey.

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Georgia vote says more about Trump now than House in '18 Meanwhile, Ossoff's race cost roughly $30 million. "I love the arena, I thrive on competition, and I welcome the discussion". To the editor: It should come as little surprise that a mostly affluent Republican district in Georgia did not turn blue.